"Camp Waggin Tails

Camp Waggin Tails

Some information and guidelines for you to help make your pet's stay better.

-We ask that you provide food for your pet to last the entire stay. We do not want to disrupt their diets, and cause any more stress or change than needed. If their food does run out, we will purchase more to keep them on their diet, but will charge you the cost of food and travel fees.
-If you love to spoil them with special treats and cooked gourmet meals. We don't mind accommodating, and will not charge extra. We just ask that you pre package and portion out their meals with details instructions on the forms provided, or stapled to the forms. 
-We will administer needed medications as well, at no extra charge. We do not administer syringed medications. Again, please give us as much detail as possible of their routines and needs. We will administer medication with the "Greenies" dog treats, or via their food, or if they are chew-able in form.  

-ALL Cat and dogs are required to be on a flea and Tic treatment. All pets must arrive flea and Tic free. If  your pets arrive with fleas and/or Tics they will be immediately bathed and dipped and a topical flea treatment will be applied. There will be an additional charge of $75.

-We do provide some bedding and blankets, but we suggest you provide a favorite blanket to have something familiar from home. Maybe sleep with their blanket for a couple of nights prior to their stay, so they have your scent with them while you are away. 
-If your dog is a chronic barker, we do have bark suppression devices on hand to include the preferred Citronella spray sense, or you may provide your own.
-Please ensure your pet has current dog licence, and is wearing them securely on their collar. 
You can purchase these at your local Department of motor vehicle, Pukalani has no line, or at the Maui Humane Society. 
(It is required by law under Maui County code 6.04.020 that all dogs over 4 months old are required to wear a visible dog tag.)

-Your Doggy pets are required to be fully vaccinated with the current vaccinations :
DHLPPC (distemper and parvo) & Bordetella (canine cough) vaccine. These shots are required and must be completed 10 days prior to the first day of their stay.  There is no exception to this rule. A copy of these vaccinations will be required to be attached to the contract or scan and email to us by your veterinarian provider. Vaccinations must be given by a licensed veterinarian. We cannot accept a pet that has received owner vaccination application. 

We are more than happy to give your pet its required medications that are oral application during its stay, but we cannot accept pets that require daily injections or extensive geriatric care. We strongly recommend that you board your pets with these types of needs at a Veterinary clinic where they can be properly monitored and cared for in the case of an emergency. These types of reservations need lots of planning and booking well in advance. 


Cats are required to have:

FVRCP (feline, viral, rhinotracheitis, calicivirus & panleukopenia)

and FELV (feline Lukemia)
All vaccinations must be complete at least 10 days prior to check in date
This is for the health and safety of all boarding animals
exceptions are made to this policy.
We do not allow self vaccinations

-We want to make sure your pet and the pets of others have a healthy stay, so if you have boarded your pet at another location, clinic, or recently aquired your pet, we will unlikely be able to accommodate the stay within 2-3 weeks of stay or you must provide a "Clean Bill of Health", from your Veterinarian.
-We utilize "The Animal Care Hospital" in Kula as well as the Makawao Vet Clinic. Our provider is Doc Brown. If in the event of an unlikely emergency, and your Vet provider is unavailable. "The Animal Care Hospital" or "The Makawao Vet Clinic", will tend to your pet.   We are very fortunate to have some very talented, caring, Vet clinics support us and our boarding facility and services.
(please note, you will be responsible for any and all charges incurred for any veterinarian care. Please make sure you have a credit card on file with us and/or your veterinarian care provider ). We feel this is important for you to know, and feel confident that your pet will be well taken care of under all circumstances while you are away

-Please make sure that you arrive with your pet on a leash.
 We have other pets on property that need to stay calm and safe.

-We will do an initial quarantine of your pet upon arrival to check for fleas and ticks. If your pet has not been treated for fleas and tick, we will apply treatment after a flea bath. Your dogs will also be given de-worming medication, as your pet gets worms from ingesting fleas. Please note, additional charges will apply. 

Remember your pets are our priority. The first day or so they are a little sad and stressed sometimes, especially first timers. So, please know that we do not allow visits or family members to come visit your pets while your away. This causes stress on the animal, and disrupts their routine that we have at Maui Kennels. Also, we are concerned for your well being and our other doggy guests.  Mahalo for your understanding and cooperation.

**IF your pet has any history of violence, is skittish, or destructive, we cannot board your pet. Please note that if your dog hurts another pet, destroys property, or harms anyone on staff, you will be fully responsible for the vet/hospital fees, and any property damage.

Please don't hesitate contact us with any other questions, requests or reservations at 

call 808-205-1434

We do not email forms to be completed nor do we accept payment over the phone. Mahalo