"Camp Waggin Tails

Camp Waggin Tails

Some suggestions when making your appointment:

-Book at least two week to next needed groom.

-Be honest on the phone with your groomer to allow proper timing for your pets spa day

-Once your pet has been groomed, schedule your next appointment at least 5 weeks out to ensure your grooming routine stays in tact. 

-Groomers are creative and passionate people, who work hard to make your pet happy and you pleased with the outcome. Gratuities are appreciated. 

-If there are concerns or you are unhappy, please discuss it with your groomer in a tactful way. We want to know what you feel, what you expect and prefer and would like the opportunity to make it right. Basically, keep the lines of communication open instead of leaving and sharing it on social media. 

-Please inform your groomer of any current health issues, anything out of the ordinary, if your pet has bumps, moles, wounds, etc. 

-Sometimes groomers like to bribe their clients with goodies to keep them going through the long times on the table and to encourage good behavior. If your pet is allergic to any food items, please let your groomer know. 

-Remember, groomers are groomers not veterinarians. If you are concerned about health issues, you are recommended to seek advice from your veterinarian to ensure the proper advice or treatments are given. A groomer will notify you if there are concerns that you may want to address with your vet that may be out of the ordinary or something you may not recognize as a red flag. 

Basically keep the lines of communication open.

 Sushi is showing her heart Tattoo. Heart trimmed out in her fur and colored in with semi permanent Opawz pet coloring products.

Meet our Mascot "Sassy Spaw" she is a poodle with sass, flair and pizazz.

(A shout out to the Artist of Sassy Spa-Mel Ackerman who created her for mean in 2012. Such a talented artist from Massachusetts.)

MK Salon and Spa

Doggies guests will get dirty playing at Camp Waggin Tails. So schedule a spa or Wiki bath during your pets stay so they can go home clean and shiny and not dirty your car and furniture. 

Text (808)205-1434 or email Mauikennels@yahoo.com for more information

What is included in our services??

Cut and styling

Blow dry and brushing

Bath and conditioning (two shampoos and conditioning treatment)

Blueberry or cucumber Facial 

Minor Matting removal

ear cleaning

Teeth treatment

pad cleaning

Nails trimmed

sanitary cut

and topped off with SouthBark blueberry cologne

as well as a cute bandana

Visit https://albertnorthvetclinic.wordpress.com/2013/05/30/shaving-your-dogs-coat-should-you-or-shouldnt-you/

and understand your pet and its coat.

"Humanity over Vanity"