"Camp Waggin Tails

Camp Waggin Tails

Q: How long does my pet get outside?

A: All day weather permitting. 

Q: Can my pet socialize with other guests?

A: Only if they are compatible. Otherwise we have large play areas from 1500-3000 sq ft, and usually dogs will run with their neighbors. 

Q: Why do you not mix all the dogs?

A: Not all doggies are compatible as well as we do take pets that have not been spade or neutered (although we strongly suggest it). Sometimes you just don't know what goes on in doggy world, or the history of the pet as many have been adopted and have troubled pasts, also not every owner interacts and trains their pets the same as the next. 

Q: Is someone with my pet all the time:

A: for the most part. We live on sight and also have a kennel attendant to clean and interact with your pet all day. We feed, play, and talk to your pets. We play music for them night and day. The only time some one is not with your pet is when we go out to dinner or grocery shopping. Otherwise they are secure in their own space in the "Dog House in their own Apupments". We do not leave and go to other jobs as other pet care providers may do. You may want to ask pet care providers that question and if in a commune type of setting, who makes sure the pets are safe when no one is around.

Q: Are you Pet CPR certified?

A: Yes, both of us were CPR certified at the Maui Humane Society

Q: Do you use shock collars?

A: NO. If we have a dog that is barking uncontrollably, we play ball with them to tire them out, give them a time out in their kennel space, and/or use Pet calm. We do use other items such as spray bottles, cans of air, and some times tone or citronella collars. 

Q: Why is my dog quiet or has been sleeping a lot since he/she got home?

A: Because your pet has had a lot of outdoor time and has been playing the whole time. Many pets will play through the fence and run with their friends on the other side . You can see some of our play times on our facebook page, Maui Kennels Pet Boarding. Sometimes pets have such a good time that they get a little depressed when they get home, especially if they are an only fur child. Also keep in mind our altitude is at almost 4300 ft, so that also can play a factor. 

Q: Why do you have us pay at the time of drop off?

A: Most pet sitting businesses have found it necessary, especially in Hawaii. Because it can be difficult to live on the islands, and it is so transient ...many people have abandoned their pets at facilities such as ours. We have also had people pay for their scheduled stay and call and say they wouldn't be returning. Therefore we have had to find a home for those abandoned animals. It's very sad, but we have found great home for them.

Q: Why is your deposit non refundable?

A: It is not "exactly" non refundable. If your plans change we will honor your deposit towards a future stay. If you think you may not have your pet stay at a future time, you can gift your credit to someone else, or ask someone to pay you the amount on the gift certificate. Just let us know who it is so that we can honor the exchange. As a small business, this is an important policy for us as we cannot afford constant refunds and no shows. This ensures commitment in booking, and allows us to schedule staff appropriately, forcasting, budget our expenses, etc. We will make an exception to this policiy "only" in the event of the unfortunate circumstance of the death of a pet. 

Q: Why do you not provide food?

A: Because it is not a good idea to change your pets diet. Changing food can cause diarrhea and upset stomaches, and sometimes skin changes. 

Q: What if I am running late?

A: please call as soon as you can so we can adjust our schedule and make sure someone is available after hours. There is a charge of $20 per hour after our operational hours. We suggest that you leave your pet for an additional night, as the cost maybe less for you. 

Q: Are you insured:

A: Yes, we are insured through State Farm in Pukalani

Q: Do you have grooming services:

A: Yes. You must pre schedule grooming When booking your pets stay with us, as there is limiting grooming appointments available. The groomer is NOT taking new clients, but IS available to groom boarding guests that will be staying 4 or more days. This allows more flexible time to make sure your pet is groomed prior to going home. 

Q: Do you have discounts for extended stays:

A: Yes, for stays of 30 days or more

Q: Do you provide bedding?

A: We do have some raised cots, blankets and towels. We do have some cushions and bedding as well, but limited. We suggest you bringing your pets blanket and maybe one of your shirts so they have something familiar and cozy from home to make them feel a little more at ease.

Q: Why does a little dog cost the same as a big dog?

A: It takes the same amount of labor to tend to each guest. One size isn't necessarily easier than the next. We play with, feed, clean, tend, service, cuddle, each guest the same amount of time. All dogs are equal.