"Camp Waggin Tails

Camp Waggin Tails

Who We Are?

At Camp Waggin Tails, we are focused on providing  Animal Care services with lots of love and belly rubs. We will do everything we can to make your pet comfortable and send them home with "Waggin Tails"

We have been boarding Maui's furry besties since 2008. We feel we give a more personal touch, as we truly care about your animals and their feelings. The best feeling for us is when its time for your pet to go home and they are happy but still want to stay with us. Some come a little scared, but leave with Waggin Tails. 

We know your pet will enjoy their stay. They love the environment, and the outdoors activities, and lots of fun time. Please feel free to look over our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to meeting you and you four legged friend.

A typical day for your pets at 
Maui Kennels:
Feeding between 7-8 am, then lots of walks and outdoor play time. . We believe dogs should be outside being social and/or excersized. A tired dog is a happy dog. If your pet are fed twice a day, then second feeding time is at 5 pm. During the whole time, they are listening to music in the play areas and in the kennel area. We believe this is such a positive affect for our guests. Both dogs and cats. 

Cats have their own schedules, and we accommodate them very well. They have roomy kennel spaces with their own scratching posts. They are fed in the mornings as well. We play with the cats and let them roam and play in the room to fulfill their curious desires. We have music going and a fun program on the television for them. 

US vs other Pet sitting services:

Many have preferences and reasons for choosing their type of care for their pets. Some people like pet sitters so their animals stay in their familiar environment, some like having their pets staying with their vet if they are older to ensure they can receive emergency care of they have health issues. What we can tell you is that when choosing care for your pets, ask if they are insured, how long have the been in business, do they have other jobs that will take their attention off your pets. If they are coming to your home, also inquire about their experience, if they are insured, their transportation, and how often will be visiting your pets and for how long. We also would suggest you informing them that no one but them are allowed in your home and they do not have access to free roam of your personal space. 

With our services and facility we can ensure that someone is there all day and all night. Your pets are played with and  can be socialized if requested if they are compatible with others. They will be receiving needed medications. You can feel confident knowing that they aren't alone and left unattended for hours. We are insured, animal CPR trained, and have been in business since 2008. The reason we don't do group, open boarding, is because you never know what goes on in doggy world and we want everyone to be safe including us and our staff. Many animals are adopted from the Humane society and it isn't clear to the owners what exactly is the history of their pets. Another factor we  take into consideration, is the uncertainty of the rules or treatment of each pet in their home environment. So... to give each pet their space and play areas, they are safe and we can watch their demeanors and body language to assess and accommodate each pet accordingly. Please don't hesitate to ask questions and we look forward to meeting you and your pet. Mahalo.