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Pets Stay

  1. Do I bring dog bowls and bedding?

    No, it's not neccessary. Less is more. We do suggest a blanket that you have slept with for their first visit, or if your pet is used to sleeping with you.

  2. How often are the dogs fed?

    We have two scheduled times to feed your pet, morning at 8 am and evening around 5 pm. If your pet is used to being fed once a day, we will feed them in the morning and then they have their food in there at the end of the day if they are not morning doggies

  3. Do you provide food for the dogs?

    No. You will need to bring the food for your pet. We do not want to disrupt their diets. Please make sure you bring enough food for their entire stay, as we will have to run down and replenish their food, so additional charges for food and travel will apply.

  4. Can I come and visit my pets?

    We discourage coming back and visiting your pet as it may stress them out thinking that they are going home. We also have our routines here, and we want to make their stay as comfortable and less confusing for the animal guests as possible. Also, it disturbs our other guests. We are constantly interacting with our guests and up keep, so we need to keep the environment safe and as stress free as possible.

  5. When do I pay the balance for my pets stay?

    You pay your 50% deposit at the time of reservations to secure your pets stay. We cannot guarantee your pets stay unless deposit is received. You pay the remaining balance at the time off drop off. This helps to eleviate one less thing to worry about when you pick up your pet(s). If payment was not received at the time of drop off, please remember that your pets cannot be released until the balance due is received. 

  6. Do you take pets that are diabetic or need injections?

    No. We do not take pets that take injections or have severe health issues.  We feel that animals that need injections are best NOT staying at any boarding facility unless it is at a Veterinary clinic that has qualified Veterinarian doctors that can monitor properly the stability and health of the animal. It puts a lot of stress on the animal, as well as the staff as we are constantly concerned about the well being of the pet. If your pet needs extensive geriatric care or daily injections, we strongly recommend making plans well in advance for your pet to stay at a Veterinarian facility during your time away from home.

  7. How often do my dogs get to go outside?

    Well if you know Upcountry, you know that winter time is the rainy season.  SO, usually we have the dogs outside all day. It all depends on how many doggy guests we have and how many can socialize well. We have 9 huge grassy play areas that range from 1500-3000 square feet for pets to play, roll, and fetch. The longer we can keep the doggies outside and active the more excersize they get and they sleep all night long...and so do we =0)

  8. Why did you change your hours to 9am-4pm Monday-Saturday?

    We are pretty flexible with our pick up and drop off times and policy, meaning we allow you to pick up and drop off at anytime during those hours. Our kennel attendant begins at 7am. We need to allot enough time to let our guests out, feed them, and make sure our kennels are clean and sanitary before anyone comes in or leaves.  We have made our closing hour earlier, because we have found it is not fair to your pet to be dropped off right at closing time. That doesn't give the pet anytime to spend with us and get adjusted properly. Another reason we changed our hours is to keep our daily rates down. We don't charge extra to play with your pet, nor charge any other additional hidden fees. It's all inclusive. The only additional charges are if you would like your pet bathed or groomed or purchase something from our retail and Maui Barkery line.

  9. What happens if my dog goes into heat during her stay?

    Although we encourage pets to be spayed or neutered, we do not discriminate in them being able to stay with us. It does limit them being able to be socialize. If your dog is scheduled to go into heat during your scheduled vacation, you will need to make other arragements. We cannot board your pet. Since we don't discrimate, it means that we may have unfixed males boarding at Maui kennels, and it would cause alot of ansxiety on the other animals, jeapordise the safety of your pet as well as us and our attendants. If you pet, goes into heat while boarding you will need to have your pet picked up immediately. We would suggest that you make a back up plan in case this situation occurs, and/or plan your trip accordingly to your pets scheduled cycle.

  10. Why did you move from your Makawao location back to Olinda?

    There were several factors that played a role in our move, some things we can discuss and some we cannot. Barry has to have hip replacement surgery, and it is hard to find good help on Maui that can interact with animals. We want to continue to do what we love...care for animals. Now we can manage our business, cater to the needs of the community, allow Barry to recover, and play with our furry friends in a stress free , safe, and healthy envoronment. We have less kennels, which allows more attention and one on one time with our guests, larger play areas than the Makawao location, and we are with the animals 24/7....well... except when we have date night or go shopping.  =0)

    To answer a question:


    Yes we are Maui Kennels and we were located in Makawao at the Haku Baldwin horse center. We have relocated back to our Olinda location. Many reasons went into making the move back to Olinda. Some reasons we can discus and other reasons we can't. We are very happy to have everyone back up at our Olinda property because we have much much more play area space for our guests to exercize and play. We also have a lowered amount of kennels which allows us more quality one on one time with our guests. We have also added a cozy Kat Room (that's my way of spelling it peeps), and we sill accommodate birds, turtles, and other critters. We encourage you to come up and visit us. The drive is worth it, and your pets will love it. After your first visit at our location, you have the option to use our pick up and drop off service for added convenience if you don't feel like making the drive. Mahalo to all our continued loyal clients and mahalo to all of our friends and family for your support and help during this transition. Aloha!

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