"Camp Waggin Tails"
           2710 Olinda RD.  Makawao, Hawaii 96768
             dBA: Maui Kennels

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"Your pets vacation location"

Just an informational side note:

All doggy guests are required to come for a site visit with you prior to their first time stay with us. This allows us all to meet, you to complete the paperwork, us to get to know you and your pet, and to personally allow us to evaluate your pet. It also let's your pet meet us so they are more at ease at the time of their drop off for their vacation stay.


If your pet arrives with fleas or Tics, they will be immediately treated. Additional charges will be applied. 


If you are looking to board your pet, you MUST have updated vaccinations at least 10 days prior to their stay. You must have the Bordatella (kennel cough vaccination) completed. NOT the day before, not the day of or we will not be able to board your pet. If your pet needs the bordatella, and they have the nasal application we can take your pet 10 days after it has been applied. If you do the Bordatella injections, we can take your pet two weeks after the last injection. We cannot make acceptions. There is a viral cough going around and we do not want to take any risks, and we know you don't want to take the risk as well for your four legged loved ones. Mahalo

Please take the time to read our requirements page and/or our FAQ's. You may find they will answer all or many of your questions. 

" We are very proud to be able make each guest feel welcome, at ease, & happy during their visits"
-Barry and Tamara McKay

Doggy get to run, play, and enjoy the Upcountry air and environment at our Olinda location. Play areas are larger than our Makawao location was. 1500 to 3000 feet of grassy play and sunshine. We have limited kennels, so plan your pets stay ahead of time.  More one on one time, and because they love to roll in the grass and dig, we offer grooming and spa services on site. 

Please click on the requirements tab so you can see what you need to do to prepare for your pets stay with us. We strongly suggest that if you do not have the Bordatella (kennel cough) vaccination, that you ask your veterinarian provider to use the nasal or throat application. 

Give us a call and set up a time to visit us or send an email. 
205-1434 or [email protected]

"Dog and Birds and Turtles and Cats..
Maui Kennels is where it's at.
Your pets vacation while you're away.
Maui Kennels is where they'll stay."

A typical day for your pets at 
Maui Kennels:
Feeding between 7-8 am, then lots of walks and outdoor play time. . We believe dogs should be outside being social and/or excersized. A tired dog is a happy dog. If your pet are fed twice a day, then second feeding time is at 4 pm. We have music going all the time.  We believe this is such a positive affect for our guests. Both dogs and cats. 

Cats have their own schedules, and we accommodate them very well. They have roomy kennel spaces with their own scratching posts. They are fed in the mornings as well. We play with the cats and let them roam and play in the room to fulfill their curious desires. We have music going or radio going so they feel some comforts and not so alone.

If the weather is challenging the doggies are housed in well covered areas. At night or rainy days we play music for them . This helps them to be more calm .

Please see our requirements page prior to booking your stay. We also require a site visit with you and your dog.  This lets us get to know each other and makes it less stressful at drop off as they can associate familiarity with us and the environment. 

We look forward to meeting you and your pets and having them as our guests at Camp Waggin Tails at Olinda.

Maui Kennels 

Hours of Operation: 

Mon-Saturday 9am-4pm, Sunday 9-11am. 

Closed, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, and Easter. 

Open limited schedule 9am-12pm on 

Labor day, 

Memorial Day, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve

and July 4th.

Camp "Waggin Tails" is Back!! 

Keep Checking back for PUPDATES

Click on the  Grooming Tab above for more information, or call 808-280-0928

You can also call 205-1434 or email [email protected] for more information, grooming reservations, and kennel boarding. 

Mahalo for visting and have a Grrrreat Day.